Functional Medicine in Branchburg, NJ

In addition to providing Ayurvedic medicine and established holistic medical care, we are known for our many skilled medical services. We provide the facilities and expert holistic doctors to offer advanced medical treatments and inquiry that are not widely accessible in Branchburg, NJ. Whether a patient is coming in for a routine checkup or are in need of a Lyme disease specialist, they will always benefit from our exceptional ability to efficiently implement the latest discoveries and advancements in the functional medicine field. Most of our specialty programs and disease doctors continuously rank among the best in Branchburg, NJ. A few of our highly specialized services include:

  • General and Advanced Naturopathy
  • Homeopathy
  • Clinical Hypno-anesthesiology
  • Pain Management
  • Neural Therapy
  • Biofeedback/Bio-resonance
  • Lyme Disease Therapy
  • Numerous other diagnostic services

How We Do It

We are a professional hospital with robust patient care services, advanced scientific proficiencies, and strong community relations. Our Founder, Dr. Alan Shair, has established our reputation on comprehensive clinical engagements and outstanding outcomes. Over the past three decades, at our hospitals across Branchburg, NJ, we have refined the structures, culture, and tools required to free up nurses and practitioners to focus on patients. These qualities combined with dedicated staff are precisely what makes our reputation desirable.

We have homeopathic doctors who are comfortable working with several other experts in a team-based and interdisciplinary environment. The ease and familiarity with this level of teamwork enable staff to connect the strong interaction of three interrelated yet distinct missions: education, research, and patient care.

In fact, our employees are committed to delivering valuable patient experience continuously. This involves working to establish partnerships with patients and their families alongside determining ways of empowering patients with vital info and equipment they require to make informed decisions regarding their health care.

Why Us?

With our approach, all patients have a sufficient number of experts who are seamlessly incorporated into their health care team. Patients are always afforded a team of naturopathy specialists to take care of them, all supported with the modern equipment and technology. In addition, the information about patients is consolidated into a single medical record thus eradicating possible miscommunication.