Low Dose Cytokine Therapy

Low Dose Cytokine Therapy

GUNA, Inc.

Cytokines play a crucial role in nearly all parts of inflammation and immunity. Inflammation is often the cause of many syndromes and diseases in the body. There are many factors that cause inflammation and compromised immunity. Cytokine Therapy* is direct and it effects tissue through cellular pathways to balance body systems.

Cytokine is the global term for interleukins and growth factors. Cytokines are "molecules of communication"; proteins that mediate cellular response and are signaling molecules that include growth factors and interleukins. These protein molecules send signals to cells where repair usually begins. At the cellular level, cytokines organize the cellular tasks and give the repair orders that cause a chain reaction of metabolic pathways that reach from the cells to the tissues and organs. The combination of cytokines will determine the type of repair, which relates to the condition at hand. Advances in technology have provided the means to map (specify) the expression of cytokines in different functional changes that accompany a particular syndrome/disease.

Combining cytokines is similar to writing a computer program and they work in combination for specific effects. It is the particular combination that has the properties to implement an intercellular program that will guide cells into mobilization towards the body's responses. As a knowledgeable Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Shair will customize your Cytokine Therapy.

The cytokines available for cytokine therapy are oral recombinant non-anibody proteins, which means that they are exactly the same molecule as occurs naturally in the body. The oral Cytokine Therapy is absorbed by the mucous membranes which shuttle proteins throughout the body, making oral cytokines highly bio-available and effective.*

*GUNA, Inc., Cytokine Therapy was developed by Dr. JO Serrentino.