Holistic Doctors in Bridgewater, NJ

If you are among the many Americans in Branchburg, NJ suffering from a chronic ailment, Ayurvedic medicine has much to offer you. Ayurveda medicine is one of the world’s leading holistic healing systems. The system was developed more than three millenniums ago to enhance good health, not just fight disease. We use the latest techniques to provide long-term recovery to enable you to live a healthy life.

About Dr. Alan Shair

Dr. Alan Shair is a holistic doctor in Branchburg, NJ and is linked to various hospitals in the region. The 30 years he has been in the industry has enabled him to acquire sufficient knowledge of alleviating multiple conditions affecting patients. In Branchburg, NJ, Dr. Alan Shair is known as a master herbalist and Lyme disease specialist. He is easy to talk to, passionate about his duties and learns from the millions of patients that visit him yearly. He is a disease doctor focused on naturopathy, functional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.

Why Choose Us?

  • More Experience For the past 30 years, millions of patients have come to our homeopathic doctors for care. This has enabled our team of experts to acquire sufficient experience in treating rare and complicated diseases.
  • The Right Solution Getting essential treatment demands recognizing the right problem. Most patients who have come to us for the second opinion either receive a new or refined diagnosis.
  • All-in-one Care At our clinic, each aspect of your care is coordinated, and a team of practiced holistic doctors work together to offer you the exact care you require. What might take weeks elsewhere can typically be performed in days here.
  • Unrivaled Commitment We do not treat symptoms but strive to find out the root of the problems. Our mission is making sure our patient’s health is optimal.
  • We Treat Patients as a Whole We look for the heart of the symptoms which might comprise diagnostics such as neurotransmitter testing.